Adam J Pitzler grew up near Seattle, WA and is an accomplished writer for all things creative. In late 2015, Adam wrote and directed his inaugural feature film MANHANDLERS which debuted at the Cal-Tex Worldwide Horror Film Festival, and was fortunate enough to receive the BEST FEATURE AWARD in the HORROR/COMEDY category. Adam’s stage play, NEWLYWED HOSTAGE PARTY, also enjoyed a run off-Broadway in early 2013.

Adam also co-developed a web series in 2008 called Man ouT, where he served as a producer and head planner, and has also been a contributing staff writer for several publications, both online and print. He co-hosts The Fantasy and The Furious, a fantasy football podcast on iTunes, and most recently wrote the story and dialogue for a new Indie videogame that should be released in 2017.

Lastly, Adam is the very proud holder of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA). The MBA has helped Adam immensely in the fields of leadership, time management, and team-building – which have been the pillars of his career.




Joey Tuccio
Founder of Roadmap Writers

Adam J Pitzler really has a knack for characters and witty dialogue.

Kim Hinton

Adam directed a comedic stage play I wrote called SHRINK ISLAND. To this day, his production is my favorite of all that have been done. Adam made some brilliant decisions changing parts of the script. He created a setting and mood that exponentially boosted the production value of the piece. I went to see the play every night. People laughed so hard they fell out of their chairs. I would trust him with any script I wrote. He’s a brilliant theatre mind and I look forward to seeing what he will do next.

Lance Mitchell

The characters in Adam’s scripts are people we all know and can identify with in some form. Adam’s work is engaging and difficult to walk away from.

Tye “Rannosaurus” Lombardi
Professional screenwriter

Adam J Pitzler is the type of writer you want to work with. His ideas are fresh, funny, and hold broad appeal to a range of audiences. On top of that, he is easy going and open to constructive criticism in a way that makes working with him an absolute pleasure. Adam is the kind of person you want in your writer's room, not only for the ideas he brings to the table, but for the enthusiasm and talent he shares so generously with others.

Laura VanDerLind

Adam has a wonderfully inventive mind in which creative ideas spring forth without censorship as a playwright, screenwriter and director.


I had the best time working on Manhandlers! Adam and his whole crew were unbelievably welcoming and professional. I knew that I was in good hands right away. The writing was clever and so entertaining. My character was well defined and very easy to play because of Adam's direction. What really impressed me was how organized the shooting schedule was. No waiting around, everything was planned out, and no time was wasted. When you are asking people to donate their time, that is key and they nailed it! I would work with Adam and his crew anytime! I'm looking forward to seeing what he will come up with next.


It's my pleasure to share my experiences with, and recommendation for, Adam Pitzler. I'm the owner of a marketing and production firm and have worked in the advertising, copywriting, and production industries for the last 15 years. Rarely have I come across a talent like Adam. Adam and I worked together on the writing and production of a web series and a feature film. He's the glue that held both projects together and the reason both projects were completed. Adam showed incredible leadership abilities and an innate resourcefulness for getting things done quickly and efficiently while upholding impeccable standards of quality. In addition, his creative wit and humor shows through in his writing and in his daily interactions. It's truly a pleasure working with Adam, and I hope to have the opportunity to pursue future projects with him. If you have the opportunity, take it.


Write up – In late 2015, Adam debuted his first feature film MANHANDLERS. Adam’s film was fortunate enough to receive the BEST INTERNATIONAL FEATURE in the HORROR/COMEDY section at Cal-Tex Worldwide Horror Fest.