#1: APARTMENT MANAGER (Feature Comedy)

apt mgr award

Logline: Gunning for a big promotion, an embittered apartment manager must defeat the tenant from hell, before his boss’s next inspection.

Scene Setup: Enjoy the first 15 pages of this script. Meet the characters, and get a sense of Adam’s humor.

1st Place! BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY! SoCal Film Festival. Huntington Beach, CA. USA.

! Filmmaker’s International Screenwriting Awards!

Quarterfinalist! Austin Revolution Film Festival. Austin, TX. USA.

#2: The Pause Thing (Comedic Short)


Logline: A guy stresses with his buddy about being the first one to say “I love you” in a relationship.

#3: Going Down (Horror Short)

Logline: A sinner is cast down to a terrifying underworld where she is hunted by snarling, soul-devouring beasts

#4: Sign Flip-Off (Comedic Short)

Logline: Two corner sign-flippers battle for the approval of a shiny red car that drives past them each day.