Stage Plays

#1: My Big Fat Murder Mansion  (Comedy)

My Big Fat Murder Mansion

Synopsis: My Big Fat Murder Mansion is a dark comedy about the filming of a live reality show where contestants compete in a murder mystery game. Unbeknownst to the contestants however, the game's designated "murderer" is actually slaughtering his reality co-stars. But the show must go on! MBFMM relies heavily on satire of reality television, the use of multimedia, and extensive audience participation. The actual theater audience doubles as the live studio audience for this gameshow, ensuring that your theater patrons have a fantastic time. This is a play in one act with a performance time of approximately 90 minutes.

Scene Setup: Attached are the first 10 pages of My Big Fat Murder Mansion. I encourage you to meet the characters, and get a taste for the humor.

#2: The Cleanser (Horror/Thriller)

The Cleanser

Synopsis: The Cleanser is a drama about Seth, a serial killer whose childhood demons manifest themselves in the form of tattered, life-sized stuffed animals that manipulate his emotions and control his thinking. Seth must battle the voices in his head for control of his future with innocent victims’ lives hanging in the balance. The Cleanser currently has 6 characters (3 male, 3 female). This is currently a play in one act. I have also converted this piece into a screenplay.

Scene Setup: Attached are the first 6 pages of The Cleanser. Take a sneak peek into the tormented mind of a man who is lost, alone, and afraid. And killing is the only thing that gives him purpose.

#3: Newlywed Hostage Party (Comedy)


Synopsis: Newlywed Hostage Party is a musical comedy in one act with a run time of approximately 45 minutes. Mike and Jen are newlyweds who visit Jen's father shortly after the honeymoon. Mike starts noticing some of Jen's less favorable habits, which leads to turmoil in their relationship. The get-together seems to be going along normally enough until Jen's cousin Natalya shows up and is forced to take her family hostage with the police bearing down on her. This quirky cast of characters take to song to express the stress of the night, undertoned by the problems in their personal lives. All lyrics are original, melodies are borrowed satirically from Grease, Rocky Horror, Chicago, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Sonny and Cher. This play was produced for 2 weeks in Manhattan, NY near Broadway. Attached is the original poster artwork.

Scene Setup: Around the midway point of the piece, Natalya loses control, takes her family hostage, and regales them through song on how she ended up in this mess.

#4: The Dead Room (Horror/Thriller)


Synopsis: The Dead Room is a play in one act about 20 minutes long. It is about 2 people trapped inside a room during the zombie apocalypse. They discuss what’s lost and what’s left, while occasionally repelling the bloodthirsty undeads.

Scene Setup: Attached are the first 8 pages of The Dead Room. Meet the principal characters, and their understanding of the zombie plague upon them.